In addition to traditional architectural services NJCA can be retained as construction managers.  This is a different service from our architectural construction administration services, which are meant to ensure the general contractor understands and follows what is on the agenda.  Alternatively, the construction manager can provide instruction should the general contractor need to veer from the plans due to site conditions or owner preferences. Construction Managers allow for full overview of a construction budget.  They are able to keep costs down and allow tracking of where all your dollars are allocated throughout the project life cycle.  


Construction Managers :

 This is an excellent service for those people that may not have hired an architect but have chosen to work solely through a contractor. Construction managers thoroughly oversee a contractor and police the job to ensure the contractor is doing what they were hired to do.  Construction managers allow you to have piece of mind during your project.  Ensuring  licensed professionals are overseeing your general contractor and that your best interests and investment are being looked out for throughout the renovation. Clients may find that their project needs to be tightened up due to budgetary constraints or time line constraints. 

Construction managers provide very different services then our architectural services.  A detailed explanation can be sought by calling our offices.  

Whatever your reason; construction managers pay for themselves through peace of mind and savings to your overall budget!


An Owner's Representative monitors your Architect and contractor's adherence to safety and project requirements; especially time line and budget.  In addition, an owners rep works with you, the owner, to understand all issues that you should be aware of, and  represents you at all times during the projects life cycle.  Hiring an owners rep, better protects you from costly mistakes, oversights,  ommisions, and protects your budget.

Our responsibility as your representative in the field, is to ensure the highest quality job is delivered.  The goal is to have YOUR vision become a reality.